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Jul 152012

Dale J. Pavlik, class of ’82 has his own business in Orange

Summer is a big High School Reunion time, when you get together with old classmates that were once your BFFs, rivals, or quiet little wall flowers that you never even noticed.

If you were a member of the Amity Class of 1982 you may or may not have known Dale Pavlik, the kid with the artistic flair and creative mind.

Now you may ask, “What ever happened to him?”

After Amity, he began using his talent right out of college working for a design firm in Fairfield County and then spent a decade working for Phoenix Insurance Company in Hartford as the art director in the marketing communications department.

“These were very different experiences, but they have given me a unique view of both cultures, both dynamics,” he said.

Through those experiences he saw what corporate America was about and decided that it wasn’t what he was about. “I’m still all about the client…it should be about the work and happy clients,” he said. “For 20 years I’ve believed that what I do should help my clients succeed.”

So, where is Dale now? He’s still around, and he has his own business in Orange. He is the owner of DJP Design LLC, located in his home, and he shares studio space with a photographer in Darien.

Photo by Christine Simmons

Being an entrepreneur did not come without its challenges, Dale has the experience and the talent, but he always worked for someone else – so how would he get his own business going when practically no one knows he exists.

Getting the ball rolling was slow, but once the lightbulb went off and he realized that all he had to do was continue what he had been doing and set a goal for 2012 to market himself as he has done for his clients for the past 20 years and make his name and business known throughout the area.

Dale has an active business Facebook page on which he is connecting with old friends and networking and his business website www.djpdesignllc.com is still under construction, but should be up and running soon. Once the site is ready he will move on to creating and distributing several other marketing components with which to get his name out there: i.e. brochures, mailings, etc.

About Dale

Dale graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art in 1989 with a degree in Graphic Design he wanted to work on BIG contracts and that happened for him with his first job at the firm where he created designs for Club Med, Bausch and Lomb and A&W.

But now that he owns his own small business, he is turning around his desire is to work with other small business owners to help grow their businesses.

He said he still will accept freelance work with larger corporations, but his heart and soul at this point in his life is to help small businesses, offering them professional services for much less than it would cost to hire a “design firm” to do the same work. — “Agency experience without agency prices.”

This “Orange boy” is back home and looking to help the mom and pop businesses realize their greatest potential. He also is seeking out his fellow Amity Class of 1982 alumni to see if they are in need of assistance

If you would like to talk business with Dale, or see his work  you may call him at 203-675-0430; e-mail dale@djpdesignllc.com; visit his Facebook page; or his Linkedin profile.

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