Aug 022012

Board of Selectmen

Discussions between the Board of Selectmen members during the public session portion of the meeting on Wednesday.

Road woes

Joe Blake said he’d been approached by residents who were unhappy with the conditions of the roads where the gas lines are going in around town.

First Selectman Jim Zeoli said Orange Center Road had been patched up but Grannis Road and other streets like that weren’t so great.

He recognized that more people want gas because economically it was a better way to go, but all the digging was taking a toll on the roads.

“They patch them, but they must do a better job,” he acknowledged.

Zeoli said that William Laydon does paving for the town and he does a good job, when there are problem areas, Zeoli calls him to fix them.

Support Volunteer Firefighters

Zeoli said the Volunteer Firemen’s Carnival is the cheapest fire insurance that an Orange Resident can have.

“If every household spent a couple hundred bucks at the carnival, it is the cheapest insurance they can have for fire service,” Zeoli said. “If we had a paid Fire Department it would cost us millions of dollars every year.”

Selectman Mitch Goldblatt is the Human Services Director in the town of Guilford, he said that town pays $3 million for fire department payroll alone.

He said Guilford is larger than Orange, but agreed that it would cost millions of dollars to pay for fire service here if the fire department was not 100% volunteer.

Second Summer Concert

Next Wednesday, Aug. 8, the second summer concert will take place at the Orange Fairgrounds at 7 p.m. with Boogie Chillun.

Zeoli said the band always gets everyone moving.

Revaluation Awareness

Residents should be aware that revaluations have begun in Orange and people are knocking on doors to do it. All legitimate appraisers must carry an ID from “Vision” and a Town ID issued by the Police Department.

Zeoli said when they come knocking on your door, you don’t have to let them in, they have every right to walk around your property and evaluate your home from the outside and give it their best guestimate.

If the person cannot produce two IDs do not let them in.

“There are lots of scammers out there,” he said. “two forms of ID are required.”

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