Sep 232012

Alli Kramer, front left, was thrilled to perform on the Broadway stage.

Tonight, at 8 p.m., CPTV features the final installment of its three-part documentary “Broadway or Bust,” a behind the scenes look at the National High School Musical Awards that took place last June.

Among the 60 High School performers, PBS chose to feature about 10 of them, including Orange resident, Amity Grad, Alli Kramer, 17.

I sat with Alli in her kitchen before she departed for the week-long opportunity of a lifetime and heard about her worries about not being a dancer and all the butterflies she felt about different aspects of her upcoming experience.

When she returned from the show, we talked again and she shared her feelings about the 10 hour days, the dancing and the song she was given to sing.

Alli is now studying for her first college semester in Ireland. Last week, after the premiere of Broadway or Bust, she was floored to learn that she has her own celebrity profile page on TV Guide.com 

In tonight’s episode, see who made the cut as the judges choose their six finalists and watch these wildly talented kids perform on Broadway at the Minskoff Theater — the home of “The Lion King.” Then hang around to see which two won the competition.

Enjoy the show, you’re lucky enough to be able to see it. Alli hasn’t had a chance, since she’s in Ireland.

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