Oct 042012

Thank You A.R.A.C.

The Amity Regional Aquatic Club is one of the most misunderstood entities in the town of Orange.

Some people think it’s solely associated with a Country Club, others think it’s only open to teenagers, while others, the largest demographic believes it is part of the Amity Regional School System (The name causes this confusion).

“We are just like Orange Little League, Orange Soccer Association … Orange Swimming …” said A.R.A.C. President Trish Lasto. “We’re Orange, and we stay to the 80% Orange membership.”

By keeping within the 80 percentile the club’s rental fees for use of the Town Pool at High Plains is within their budget and makes them an important part of the town with swimmers and accomplishments that Orange can be proud of. Currently they have 140 members from age 6 to College age.

The Club gives back to the town and its members did some major fundraising to get enough money to purchase lane lines (the rows of floating rings that mark the swim lanes for races, training and more.)

A few A.R.A.C swimmers were at the pool on Wednesday afternoon to help string the new lines before their meet that night.

Molly said they were “bright and inviting.” and she likes the clearly marked halfway point.

“During practice, if we have to go halfway, then turn around, it’s easier to tell when you’ve reached the halfway mark,” she said.

Meagan said she likes the black floats on the ends and the red marks, which will help the swimmers control their breathing.

“They’re not brown like the old ones, and they used to fall off and float in our lanes while we were swimming,” she said.”The wire was showing on the ends, too

Trish said, “It was necessary to get them, either the town had to buy them or they had to get them as a donation. So we gladly donated them.”

She said Orange can host more meets now because the new lines make the pool “Legal” and highly desirable for competing teams.

Everyone knows about the undefeated Amity High School Varsity Swim Team which may be shocked when they walk into the pool area and see the bright new lane lines courtesy of the Amity Regional Aquatic Club (Formerly known as the Orange Swim Club — home of the Orange Otters).

So, if you see Lasto, or any of the A.R.A.C. members be sure to stop and say thank you for this generous contribution to the town.



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