Oct 102012

Use the OGAT button on Orange Live for Instant Access

In September, Ron Davis from Orange Government Access Television (OGAT) switched on the new OGAT-ON-THE-WEB.

This streaming video is a 24-7 web simulcast of the same programming running on Cablevision Channel 79 in Orange.  The viewer will be able to see OGAT, as running, along with real-time LIVE meetings as they are being held at Town Hall.  (Now you too can watch live meetings at home, your office, or hundreds of miles away while on vacation).

In the past, townspeople with AT&T, satellite, or antenna could not receive OGAT and out-of-towners did not have any access. Only Cablevision subscribers could watch OGAT, as it was only being cablecast by Cablevision.

“Finally, now anyone, anywhere, any time, can watch OGAT, full-time, full screen on the WEB,” Davis said. “Even when traveling out of state or out of country.”

Currently, you can click on the link above and copy and paste the link into your bookmarks or visit the Orange Live page and click on the OGAT button any time 24 hours a day for immediate access to the live OGAT web cast.

OGAT-ON-THE-WEB will soon be available for all portable Web-Connected devices (Ipads, Smart Phones etc.) Orange Live will announce when it is available on these devices.


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