Nov 152012

Michele Connelly from the DPH, Police Chief Robert Gagne, First Selectman Jim Zeoli, Highway Foreman Don Foyer, Sal DeLuca from AMR and Asst Police Chief Tony Cuozzo during the HEARTSafe Community presentation.

Orange Live has the only video coverage of this presentation from the CT Department of Public Health today at Town Hall.

Michele Connelly of the DPH congratulated First Selectman Jim Zeoli, Police Chief Robert Gagne and Asst. Chief Tony Cuozzo, AMR, the Orange Visiting Nurses and Highway Department for completing all the necessary requirements

There is a strict criteria to become a HEARTSafe Community.  Zeoli credited AMR’s Sal DeLuca for getting Orange on track.

What does it take to be a HEARTSafe Community?

This is from the DPH Website:

• If your community population is between 5,001 and 15,000, 130 HEARTBEATS* are required to become a designated HEARTSafe Community. A minimum of 90 HEARTBEATS is required for CPR or CPR/AED training and placement of AEDs in the community. These requirements include a minimum of 30 citizens currently trained in an accredited program and six
AED sites in public locations.

HEARTBEATS requirements

The HEARTSafe Community program is intended to encourage all communities to strengthen every link in the cardiac “Chain of Survival” in their community. HEARTBEATS are earned for CPR training, AED availability, and pre-hospital advanced life support.

CPR, CPR/AED training: The minimum number of citizens trained in CPR or CPR/AED is based upon community population. The total number of citizens trained is used to accumulate HEARTBEATS.

• Public Placement of AEDs: Permanent placements in public or private areas where many people are likely to congregate or be at higher risk such as shopping malls, supermarkets, theaters, health clubs, schools, libraries, town pools or beaches, town halls, sports complexes, convention sites, long-term care facilities, train and bus stations, and senior centers. Ten (10) HEARTBEATS are awarded for each location. The minimum AED HEARTBEATS total is dependent upon the community population.

• Designated First Responders: Each community must have a designated first responder with AED equipped vehicles and currently certified CPR/AED trained personnel. Ten (10) HEARTBEATS.

• Advanced Life Support: Advanced life support (ALS) personnel (EMT-Intermediates or EMT-Paramedics) will be dispatched to all ALS medical emergencies. Ten (10) HEARTBEATS.

• Evaluation Process: The community must have an ongoing process to evaluate and improve the “Chain of Survival.” This involves describing the process by which the community will continue to recruit and train citizens in CPR and CPR/AED, monitor and maintain AEDs, and possibly expand the availability of training and AED locations. Ten (10) HEARTBEATS.

Communities must apply through the Department of Public Health, Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program, by filling out the appropriate HEARTBEAT Application.

Orange is the 89th HEARTSafe Community in CT — a state with 169 cities and towns.  You will soon see the signs erected around town, if the Highway Department hasn’t already done it.

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