Dec 062012

An important notice from Congregation Or Shalom:

Now is the time to seriously consider our upcoming trip to Israel. The cutoff date for submitting applications is Jan. 1, 2013. We need 15 people to get the reduced airfare. We currently have 9 people who have submitted applications. Remember, the $200 per person deposit is fully refundable up to 90 days before departure. If you are considering this wonderful opportunity, SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATIONS NOW. Applications and a full itinerary are available at the synagogue.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the wonders of ancient and modern Israel. From the Western Wall to Yad Vashem. From the mystical city of Tsefat to the fortress of Masada. From the Dead Sea to Israel’s Riviera Eilat.

Pick up a complete itinerary and application at the synagogue or on the Or Shalom web site (www.orshalomct.org).

Remember, only a $200 deposit per person is required and is fully refundable up to 90 days before departure.

Don’t wait. Reserve your place NOW!

The more people who go, the cheaper the price.


Information can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on this link Or Shalom Israel Trip. If you have any questions or need more information, contact ITC (our tour operator) at 1-800-247-7235 or Herb Marsh 203-430-8845 (herbmarsh@optonline.net).

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