Dec 122012

From Amity Supt. John Brady:

Last night the Board of Education approved the following revisions to the 2012-2013 school calendar in light of the six emergency closing days we have already experienced.

·         Students will attend school on Friday, March 22nd. This had previously been scheduled as a teacher only, professional development day.

·         Two student days, at the end of the year will be canceled.

These changes will make the last day of school Thursday, June 20th. It will provide for one additional emergency closing day,Friday,  June 21. If emergency closings exceed one more, school will be held during April vacation (on a day for day basis, e.g. one emergency closing day = one day lost from the April vacation) beginning with Friday, April 19th

2012-2013 CALENDAR – REVISED 12-11-12

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