Jan 112013

Affordable Solutions, LLC, of Orange is donating its service to help the Amity Performing Arts students raise money get to Florida.

A shredding truck will be parked in the Amity High School parking lot on Saturday, Jan. 26. from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. All the money raised will go towards the cost of the Florida trip.

Each student will have his/her name on a sheet. When the person brings their papers to be shredded to the truck, please have them tell the organizer to mark it down under the selected students name. All the money will go towards that students Florida trip.

The more people you have come to the event, the more money they can raise. If a particular student is not listed at the time of the drop off, the money will go into a general fund towards the trip. Affordable Solutions will not go back and give credit — after the fact.

All items should be in a box (easily picked up by a student) No trash bags, paper bags, etc. Paper clips (except the large black ones), staples, can be shredded. No trash or non-paper items please.


1-5 small copy boxes (similar to copy paper box) $ 10 per box 1-5

Large banker boxes $ 20.00 per box

6-10 small copy boxes (similar to copy paper box) $ 8.00 per box

6-10 Large banker boxes $ 16.00 per box

Common Questions

Will the documents be shredded at the drop-off location or are they transported to another facility? All documents will be shredded on-site?

Workers will remove documents from vehicles and put them in the truck for shredding.

Do staples and paper clips need to be removed?

No, the machine can handle staples and paper clips, however, you need to remove all binders.

Is there a certain way to prepare my documents?

Simply put all paper documents into a box for easy removal.

What happens to the shredded paper?

The shredded documents are transported to a recycling facility and baled before being recycled into new paper.

Contact the Company at www.affordableshredding.com (203) 795-3591 Fax (203) 795-3820

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