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Feb 112013

Bicyclist Ray Hurteau

Six years ago, in August 2007, I was working as the editor of the Amity Observer and my friend Ray Hurteau, an Orange resident and the son of my childhood next door neighbor was about to embark on a cross country bicycling trip.

Ray had never done anything like this before, but he rode from Boston to San Francisco in 26 days, e-mailing me photos and little anecdotes about his trip along the way whenever he had an Internet connection.

Ray videotaped the entire trip and took volumes of photographs. Back then, I said I would let you all know when he was done editing the video.

Last night I received an e-mail entitled Bike Movie Complete.

He wrote: This message is long, long, long overdue.  I finally finished editing and publishing my cross country bike video.  The movie is split into 4 parts, since each part is 20-30 minutes; the total run time is 1 hour 55 minutes, so get a bag (or 3) of popcorn and enjoy at your convenience.

Ray Posted his videos on You Tube This is part 1 of 4.

This is what he wrote as an introduction:

My experience biking from Boston, MA to San Francisco, CA in the summer of 2007. This video is for educational purposes. Days 1 – 26 (MA – VA).

My video series shows what it takes and what it’s like to be on a bicycle for 97 days (75 biking days) and traveling through various terrain and climates. It also illustrates the type of people you may encounter on such an endeavor.

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