Feb 122013

Here is Kevin’s first call map as of Tuesday 3 PM:

Our meteorologist Kevin Arnone hit it big in Vegas — he didn’t have to deal with all this snow.

Now he’s back, and this is what he says about the upcoming weather episodes:

Wednesday Night/Thursday AM Snow. 

As of right now this is a very tough call. Both the GFS and NAM are on point with a storm just brushing CT. Enough to drop anywhere from 1-3 inches on the Shore and up to an inch inland.  

Jackpot area would be SE CT where they would see 2-4 inches at the most.  However the Euro is keeping this storm way off shore, where at the most the shore would see a coating.

Making a call right now, I like the way the GFS and NAM have handled this storm, the Euro has been flipping back and forth between hitting CT and not.  

The NAM as always is much wetter than the GFS but other than that, timing is pretty consistent.

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