Feb 122013


This shield goes up on Meetinghouse Lane every year, and when the snow is gone, the mailbox is still there.

Do You Know How Orange Highway Handles Snow And Mailboxes? Before the storm, Orange Live reminded residents to construct snow shields at their mailboxes to protect them from the pressure of the plowed snow hitting them.

Residents are responsible for repair/replacement of their own mailboxes. Highway Department will not be making any repairs.

And, as snow is “pushed back” to widen roads, residents will find snow pushed into their (probably already plowed) driveways. No highway trucks will be dispatched to remove this snow.

It’s up to residents to clear snow from the entry of their own driveways and to clear access to their mailboxes (if they are still standing).

If they need the name of a local contractor they may call highway at 203-891-4775 for some names and numbers.

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