Feb 222013

Screen shot 2013-02-22 at 3.21.58 PMMeteorologist Kevin Arnone, an Amity Grad, has been doing our weather forecasts for nearly as long as we’ve been Online. Here is his forecast for this weekend, broken down into zones so you will know what to expect no matter where you are (most importantly what Orange residents can expect).

Weather event for Saturday and Sunday impacting Connecticut, here’s what you need to know.

As of right now, Saturday morning start time as rain for the shore with a few wet flakes mixed in,

Wintery mix middle of CT and Wet Snow Northern CT.  During the overnight hours I think mostly rain except for Northern CT will stay a wet snow.  

Middle of CT could see a wintery mix for a few hours but I believe most of the precipitation will be in the form of rain. Sunday morning cold air begins to push in from the North, change over to a very wet heavy snow for everywhere but shore as I believe shore will be a wintery mix.  End time, Sunday afternoon.

Below is a snow accumulation map!


Green Zone: Starts as rain with few wet flakes mixed in by noon on Saturday, change over to all rain during day on Saturday and overnight.  Early Sunday morning will be a wintery mix.  Over by noon on Sunday and up to an inch of Slush!

Blue Zone: Starts as Wintery mix/Snow by noon on Saturday, and then changes over to a cold rain with a few flakes later in the afternoon on Saturday. Could see around an inch by the changeover to rain, will be icy out.  Rain during the over night hours, but back over to a wet snow during the morning hours on Sunday. Done by noon on Sunday, Extreme eastern CT tries to hold on with precipitation a few hours after noon. 1-3 inches of wet snow for total Accumulation

Pink Zone: Starts as a very wet snow around noon on Saturday.  Although warm air tries to battle with extreme Northern CT, I believe it will stay all snow throughout the day on Saturday and the over night hours. Could see a wintery mix for few hours during the night but mostly an all snow event.  3-6 inches for areas in the pink! 

Screen shot 2013-02-22 at 3.21.25 PM

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