Mar 112013

Mi Sun is still not used to the time change.

Mi Sun is still not used to the time change.

Daylight Savings Time, Farmers Hours, Waking up earlier in the morning than what our bodies have become accustomed to.

A time when depression rates are statistically higher and on the other side of the spectrum: it’s the time when people reacquaint themselves with Mother Nature, start exercising and feel better about themselves.

Orange Live asked some folks how they were coping with the time change – and this is what we heard.

Kathy S. was grocery shopping on Sunday. She said that the first day usually hits her pretty hard every year.

“Sometimes I just stay in bed all day and drag around. This is the first year that I got up before 11 a.m. on the first day of Savings Time and made myself get out and do something,” she said. “I hope I’m not super tired and cranky at work tomorrow, but I’ll make the best of it.”

Joseph was walking his dog, Milo, on the street near their home. “We’re really enjoying the warmer weather and extra sunshine today. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to enjoy a walk at 6 o’clock,” he said.

Milo wagged his tail in agreement.

Dave and his mom, Janet were on the way to the train station as he is returning to school in New York State. “This is my favorite time of year,” Dave said. “You get out of the winter slump and do more outside stuff, even though we probably still have a couple of feet of snow at school, it will be gone soon.”

“You always know spring is coming when the robins arrive on Narrow Lane,” Janet said. “I get used to the time change fairly fast, because I look forward to it all winter long.”

So from our quick around town survey, it seems like Orange residents are handling Daylight Savings Time very well.

How about you?

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