Mar 252013

IMG_0589As many of you know I’m a Gramma. Little Amelie is under my care every Thursday and Friday and I take great pleasure in being able to teach her many of the things that are important and fun at this age.

We sing, dance, build balanced structures with Duplo Blocks, and every week I find a new word or phrase to teach her in sign language and she amazes me every time she uses a sign properly in the course of the day a week or two after she’s learned it.

Last week we spent 2-3 days practicing putting foil covered chocolate eggs inside a little pink plastic basket in preparation for the Lions Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.

With a little song to keep her focused on the task she picked up the idea quickly and was ready for action when we arrived at the fairgrounds.

Unfortunately, adults were asked to stay off the field when the kids were picking up eggs, so Amelie never made it in where the other kids were. But following the rules wasn’t so bad.

Amelie found a pink foil covered chocolate egg near the border line and was so proud of herself. She held it all the way home and gave it to her daddy (Can’t eat it because it has yucky paper on it.)

One of the most important things to my daughter,  coming from a family with a history of diabetes and weight problems, is making sure that Amelie eats healthy foods, she keeps her away from cookies and sweets and gives her fruits, veggies and other natural things that are on the food pyramid.

With childhood obesity at an all time high, it’s important to make sure our children and grandchildren are eating healthy, and getting exercise.

For many children Easter is a time when they get a big solid chocolate rabbit, jelly beans, foil covered eggs, and other sugary treats. But what’s a parent (or grandparent) to do to keep the little ones happy on Easter Sunday without  filling him or her up with junk food?

Amelie’s Easter Basket will most likely have cute temporary tattoos, stickers, Little People toys, washable crayons, a bead necklace and maybe a kiwi fruit.

If you’d like to find fun alternatives to candy for your child’s Easter Basket this weekend, visit the Livestrong website for some interesting ideas.

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