Apr 012013

This is what the actors see when they are onstage, don't let them see empty seats.

This is the view from onstage, don’t let the actors see empty seats at the upcoming performances.

The Amity Theater Department has been working tirelessly for 5 months on its production of the award winning Sweeney Todd, which is performed by High Schools across the country every year.

From the time they learn what play has been chosen when they start the school year, the actors and actresses devote their lives to learning about the characters, giving the best performance he or she can during the auditions and then putting in hours and hours of time after school learning and perfecting songs and dance numbers.

Under the leadership of Rob and Andrea Kennedy, Amity theater students have entertained and amazed sold out audiences for nearly all of their shows from “Grease” to “Rent” to “Les Miserables” to “Chicago” and “Legally Blonde.”

Numerous actors and actresses from Amity as well as the Orchestra have been nominated for the Connecticut High School Musical Awards over the years. They’ve always made us proud.

Two Lead actors from Amity have gone on to the National High School Musical Awards in New York.

Sweeney Todd is known as the “Musical of all Musicals,” so why on earth four days before opening night is it not SOLD OUT?

This Friday, opening night, there are still 72 tickets left.

Saturday, night 2, usually a hot night for Amity’s musical productions has 104 available seats. This is unheard of.

Even more upsetting is that April 11, a Thursday night, also traditionally sold out at least 3 weeks in advance has a mind boggling 263 open seats.

On Friday, April 12, there are about 144 tickets remaining, and closing night is comparable.

So, what happened? Director Rob Kennedy said there was one unfortunate incident, a work of fiction, that unnecessarily shed a negative light on the play and as was the author’s goal, brought a lot of attention to his story.

Sadly, this hard working cast, crew, musicians and directors are the ones who are paying for that individual’s moment of glory.

Amity residents can still turn this around for the Amity Theater Department, go online and buy tickets.

Opening Night is at 90%; Saturday April 6 is at 88%; Thursday, April 11 is at 68%; the final two nights are both at 81 %. For all the hardworking kids and adults involved in this production, lets work to get them all to 100%.

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