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Apr 122013

Max and Nicole as Anthony and the Beggar woman.

Max and Nicole as Anthony and the Beggar woman.

If you haven’t seen Amity High School’s production of Sweeney Todd yet, you’re in luck!

There are 22 seats left for tonight’s performance and 51 remaining for closing night tomorrow.

I attended the show last night with my friend, fellow local news editor Betina Thiel and once again, I was “slayed” by the incredible talent on stage.

Last night the audience was in for a treat, although his understudy was VERY good, we were honored to see the show with the multi talented Peter Charney in a role he was born to play, that of Tobias — if you go tonight or tomorrow, you will see what I mean. Peter is a senior this year, so this is the last time we’ll see him perform in an Amity Spring Musical.

I am left breathless by the strong, beautiful soprano voices floating through the air like “magic” every time Alida Ballou, Shaylen Harger and Nicole Simon open their mouths. And to know that we have THREE sophomores in the principal cast who will be with Amity for another two years.

Put on your coat NOW and head up to Amity. Don’t miss Sweeney Todd. Everything about this show is nothing short of amazing.

The Cast:

The Amity Creative Theater production of Sweeney Todd features a multi-talented cast of more than forty Amity actors, ages 14 to 18 years old. The principal cast includes sophomore Kevin Durkee of Orange as Sweeney Todd; Junior Alida Ballou of Bethany as Mrs. Lovett; Junior Shaylen Harger of Orange as Johanna; Sophomore Max Karsanow of Woodbridge as Anthony; Junior James Ottaviano of Bethany as Judge Turpin; Sophomore Kahari Blue of Bethany as the Beadle; Senior Ted McNulty of Bethany as Pirelli; Senior Peter Charney of Bethany as Tobias and Junior Nicole Simon of Woodbridge as the Beggar Woman.

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