Jun 142013

Surveillance still from May 11 Radio Shack Robbery

Surveillance still from May 11 Radio Shack Robbery

We received this press release tonight:

Arrests made in string of CT Radio Shack robberies

Police from eight Connecticut municipalities along with Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have concluded a nearly five month long investigation into a string of armed robberies in Clinton, East Haven, Hamden, New Britain, New Haven, Orange, Trumbull and Wallingford.

The investigation has tied together nine robberies and two attempted robberies. Seven of the robberies were perpetrated at Radio Shack stores. Two others were perpetrated at an AT&T store and a Verizon store.

Several arrests have been made in the heists.

The details of the crime spree, those arrested and the multi-department cooperative investigation will be revealed by the collective law enforcement agencies on Monday.