Jul 072013

Auggie is still missing

Auggie is still missing

It’s been 41 hours since Auggie was spooked by fireworks, broke through the electric fence around her yard on Green Hill Road and fled.

Her family is desperate, please look outside and keep your eyes peeled when you are out and about. Help find her please!

Auggie is black and grey with spots, has blue eyes, and is wearing a red collar. She was last seen on Friday at 54 Green Hill Rd. in Orange around 9 p.m.

She is a friendly dog, but a tad skittish. She is micro-chipped.

If anyone has any information as to where she is or if you have seen her please contact: Mitch Volta at (203)-815-2624, Carly Volta at (203)-815-2366, or Anthony Volta at (203)-494-1470.

We’ve had this notice on Orange Live since Saturday afternoon and the family hasn’t received even one tip yet. — Will you be the first to find a clue?

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