Aug 312013

Commissioner Jim Ronai, runner Clint Tibbetts and P & R Chairman Joe Lembo at this week's meeting.

Commissioner Jim Ronai, runner Clint Tibbetts and P & R Chairman Joe Lembo at this week’s meeting.

At this week’s Park & Recreation Commission meeting, Clint Tebbetts from the Shoreline Sharks, a running club out of West Haven offered his proposal, and sought the commission’s approval for a half marathon race — 13.1 miles or 21 kilometers, for Saturday, Nov. 23, (6 days before Thanksgiving) at 8 a.m.

The town of Orange has seen great success with 5k road races, but a half marathon, which would attract an entirely different type of athlete. Tebbetts plotted the race route using a GPS mapping system with the

Race organizer Clint Tebbetts of the Shoreline Sharks.

Race organizer Clint Tebbetts of the Shoreline Sharks.

goal of giving runners a great route without interrupting the normal Saturday vehicle traffic on Orange roadways.

The roads would not be shut down for this race, but police would be at locations where runners have to cross the road.

Tebbetts said he wants the race to be community friendly so the runners would run “with traffic.”

The Shoreline Sharks just began hosting road races and this would be its fourth. Tebbetts said the club gives money to charities, and if the half marathon is successful and the town had a suggestion for a local charitable donation, they would absolutely take it into consideration.

To save money, the club would advertise the race using social media. Advance registration would be $50 (considerably less than other half marathon races), which would include a shirt, medal and food.

All of this sounds great, so the commission surely approved it immediately right? — Not so fast, there were a couple of concerns.

The Shoreine Sharks is simply a club. It is not an LLC or non-profit organization, so therefore, who would insure the race for everyone’s protection (runners, town, volunteers, etc.)?  Tebbetts said he would take out an insurance policy for the race.

First Selectman Jim Zeoli who was in his Town Hall office watching the meeting on OGAT came into the meeting room ans asked to speak.

“The town will not take insurance from a private person, it has to be an LLC or non-profit,” he said.

He also told the Commission that they would have to check with Assistant Police Chief Anthony Cuozzo for police availability for the extra duty race assistance.

After discussing the matter the commission voted to approve  Tebbets’ application IF he received all the other necessary department approvals and obtained the required insurance policy. They agreed to waive the $300 Pavilion rental fee for the couple of hours it would be in use for registration and award presentation if the profits from the race were donated to an Orange charity.






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