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Milford-Orange Animal Control is looking to return him to his owner.

Milford-Orange Animal Control is looking to return him to his owner.

Around 10 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 27, a Trumbull man was returning home from work when he came upon a large dog lying in the middle of Old Grassy Hill Road near Ridge Road (Wright’s Pond area)

He stopped his car and rushed to the dog’s side, moments later, an Orange resident on his way to work also stopped and helped get the dog out of the street.

They notified the Orange Police, who then called the Milford-Orange Animal Control in Milford, which took custody of the dog.

The Orange resident, whose cell phone photo Orange Live posted that evening, said the dog was “really nice and friendly, but appeared to have been hit by a car.”

When Orange Live followed up with Lead Animal Control Officer Rick George, he verified that the dog, a bullmastiff, had indeed been hit by a car and suffered a spinal injury. He was treated by a veterinarian and is now on the mend.

ACO George said he is looking for the owner of the dog.

He appears to have been well taken care of and healthy before the accident and wants to return him to his rightful owner.

“I’m not looking to adopt him out right now,” George said. “He should be returned to his owner. He isn’t microchipped and didn’t have any other ID, so it may take some time.”

The Milford-Orange Animal Control is at 664 E Broadway,  Milford. If you know this dog, call 203-783-3279.

FYI: The main thing that everyone needs to know is that the dog is in a safe, warm place and is receiving the care and attention he needs until his owner can be located. 

 Originally Published on: Nov 1, 2013 @ 13:31

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