Dec 032013
Jason Ebert goes before one of the toughest Commissions in town

Jason Ebert goes before one of the toughest Commissions in town

The Town Plan and Zoning Commission met Dec. 3 at Town Hall. Here’s what happened at the meeting.


New Business Application RSVP

The Commissioners reviewed a site plan application submitted by RSVP for 150 Boston Post Road.  The proposal is for a “private event venue” to locate in space formerly occupied by Blue Cube Billiards & Lounge.

Applicant Jason Ebert was missing the Police Chief’s signature, which is a requirement. He still has to go before the Traffic Authority, which meets on Dec. 9, at which time he most likely will receive the required paperwork.

RSVP Applicant Eric Ebert

RSVP Applicant Jason Ebert

Chairman Beau Clark questioned the amount of parking that would be needed for such a business. The parking lot has a little more than 124 parking spaces available, and the commissioners had to discuss how to classify the business, so they could determine how many spaces would be required under the town regulations.

RSVP also has a business in Milford, called Studio 8. The primary use would be for “sweet 16″ parties, bar and bat mitzvahs and the like. It would be limited to 75 guests while other businesses [Harbor Freight and Auto Zone] are open.

The business would operate on weekends / at night for small gatherings.

The business has a total of 4,500 square feet which includes an office space, bathrooms, DJ booth and a bar along one entire wall.

Ebert said he’d hoped to open the business on Thanksgiving weekend, but now everything has been pushed back until Jan. 19.

No decision was made tonight


Old Business — All Frank Rogers Issues

Abatement order failure to comply with owner occupation standards,

Illegal letting of rooms at Ohman Ave.

Illegal Hoop House blew out onto Old Grassy Hill Road during a wind storm.

Cars parked on Indian River Road are causing a hazard.


Report of the Zoning Enforcement Officer

Chinmaya Mission will begin working on its site soon.

Construction will begin on a side entrance near Home Depot

Inspections have begun at UNH. Trees have been removed to improve the line of sight on Derby-Milford Road.


Review of Zoning Activities Log

The New Zoning Map is Available to view on the Town website.

119 Buttonball Road, abatement issue $150 fine per day for several construction trucks parked in a residential district, which is against town regulations – you need a permit.



Review and possible vote to accept and approve agreement for professional services, Planimetrics & Town of Orange, to prepare and adopt a Plan of Conservation & Development.

Chairman Beau Clark discussed the cost with finance director Al Chiaranzelli as it seemed a bit high, but it was non-negotiable.

The commission agreed to recommend the agreement and send it to the Board of Selectmen for approval and funding.


PUBLIC HEARINGS (*1) —  Rogers attorney has requested an extension until Jan. 7

7.  *APPLICATION FOR THE CONVERSION OF A SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING TO ACCOMMODATE AN ELDERLY APARTMENT - Submitted by Frank W. Rogers for property known as 600 Wheelers Farm Road.  The proposal is to create an 821 sq. ft. apartment.  Main unit to be occupied by an elderly resident. (continued from the November 19 meeting).

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