Dec 032013

stopandshopOn Nov. 14, Orange Live announced that the Stop & Shop on Bull Hill Lane was slated to close soon.

We stated, “The store has been losing business due to the close proximity to the very successful Stop & Shop in West Haven and the only thing really keeping it going right now is the gas station.”

Our source said the West Haven store at 460 Elm Street would be getting a gas station and soon after the Orange store would close its doors.

Several trusted sources verified this information, but it wasn’t until today that it became official with word coming from the grocery giant’s headquarters. The store will close in  January.

“After a thorough review of the operating performance of our stores, we made a business decision to close our Orange store location,” said Don Sussman, Stop & Shop’s New York Metro Division President. “We regret any inconvenience this will cause and encourage our customers to shop at our West Haven store located at 460 Elm Street which is 2 miles from our Orange store.”

All 123 associates from the Orange store location will have the opportunity to be transferred to our other Stop & Shop stores in New Haven County.  Prescription records will be transferred to the nearby Stop & Shop at 460 Elm Street in West Haven.

The Stop & Shop fuel station located on the property will remain open after the store closing.

What Orange residents are more interested in though, is whether or not Stop & Shop will finally release its grip on the former Builder’s Square or as some remember it, the K Mart building (next door to Kohl’s) that has been vacant for more than 14 years.

Stop & Shop has purposely kept the building vacant so it wouldn’t have any competition.

The town could greatly benefit from a new business opening in that plaza.


  • Sad in Orange

    This is so sad. My family and I shop there all the time. I doubt I’ll drive even further to WH. Maybe we’ll get a Shop Rite or Big Y to replace them.

  • SadOrangeResident

    so they Killed Stew leonards so Orange would be left with the choice of milford shop Rite or West Haven Stop and Shop — how nice — more tax dollars we will have to make up — great Job Mr. Zeoli — your doing fabulous.

    • orangectlive

      Marc Silberkleit, please stop using Orange Live for your negative comment soap box.

      • ByeByeSaS

        I agree with the sentiment of SadOrnageResident. Stop and Shop has spent millions of dollars over the years to prevent Stew Leonards from developing their store, as well as keeping the former Service merchandise plaze empty for well over a decade. All so they could provide Orange with sub-standard service and products in an aging and delapidated facilty with poor security. They have been no friend to the town of Orange, that is for sure. I am just afraid that they will keep the lease on the building and keep it vacant like they have done with the building across the street. I personally wouldn’t be suprised. Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out, Stop and Shop. On second thought, go right ahead!

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