Dec 122013
Selectmen Mitch Goldblatt and John Carangelo settled in at Wednesday's Selectmen's Meeting.

Selectmen Mitch Goldblatt and John Carangelo settled in at Wednesday’s Selectmen’s Meeting.

With the recent election, came a new member to the Board of Selectmen – and the first meeting after the inauguration brought a bit of musical chairs to the table.

For the past couple of years, if you were facing the front of the room, on the right side of the table Joe Blake was next to First Selectman Jim Zeoli, next to Blake was Judy Williams then John Carangelo.

On the left side, Mitch Goldblatt was opposite Carangelo and Ralph Okenquist between Goldblatt and administrative assistant Mary Shaw.

Joe Blake (D) retired after 34 years on the board and Ken Lenz (D) is new to the team. But the seating at the big table has changed quite a bit.

Goldblatt is still on the last seat on the left, but Carangelo moved across the way and is seated between Goldblatt and Shaw.

The front and right side of the Selectmen's Table.

The front and right side of the Selectmen’s Table.

Okenquist took Blake’s old seat on the front right side, Williams remains in the center and Lenz rounds out the table on the right end.

Why is this important?

Maybe it’s not, but I do recall having a conversation with someone at election time about whether or not the incumbents would keep the same seats or move around.

Wednesday night’s meeting had some meaningful dialogue and Lenz was not shy about participating.

Everyone seemed friendly and civil to one another. It was actually pleasant to see. If this is any reflection of how the next couple of years will be — Orange is in good shape.

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