Dec 122013

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A note from Meteorologist Kevin Arnone:

I’m sure a lot of you have been hearing about the potential blockbuster winter storm this weekend.  Unfortunately for you snow lovers it doesn’t seem to be a major storm at this point, but we still have 3 days and many model runs in between for that to change.

As of right now (11 PM Wednesday) both the EURO and the GFS computer models have the storm approaching CT Saturday afternoon as snow then moving off shore and developing just too late to drop significant snow on us.

Both models seem to agree about warmer air pushing in early Sunday morning, which would more than likely change the precipitation type to a mix or even rain on the shore and then the storm is out of here late Sunday afternoon.

However all this being said, I’m sure you want to hear snow totals. It is still really early to be confident enough in making a forecast especially with this type of storm set up.

I am confident with the timing but as of right now (very well could change and more than likely will) it looks to be a 2-4 or a 3-6 type of storm (Inches).  The way the models have been trending (COLDER WITH LESS PRECIP) I would put my money on a 2-4 scenario.

I will be looking at more data tomorrow (Thursday) and hopefully the models don’t flip flop or play any games and I will have a more set in stone forecast for you.

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