Dec 162013

IMG_9422The Lincoln Road episode of the Great Christmas Light Fight has come and gone.

If you missed it, do you want to know how Chris and Maria Small fared?

After the broadcast, we got this …

“We did not win,” Small said. “It’s a little baffling because whenever they aired the commercials about tonight’s show, we were the main characters that you saw. It’s weird, maybe the footage that they had of us was the best … I don’t know.”

“In the end it’s based on the lights, not the family,” he said. “It stinks, but at least we got to be on national TV, and I was set up before the weather got too cold.”

Chris said the show, which was aired on ABC and shown in high definition was for his kids so when they are older, they can watch the video and look back at the time when they were famous.

Chris is hoping to get his hands on a directors cut of their experience because when all is said and done their portion of the one-hour show only airs for about 12.5 minutes.

  • http://www.orangectlive.com Terri Miles

    Great job Chris and Maria. I’m sorry you didn’t win the $50,000 but the memories will last a lifetime. Your personalities really showed, lots of fun to watch.
    I don’t necessarily agree with the choice for winner. Personally, if it couldn’t be you, then it should have been the second house.

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