Dec 192013

target storesI hardly ever shop at Target, but last month I needed something in a hurry and stopped by. I used my debit card (for less than $20) and went on my way.

Now, suddenly, I hear that I have something to worry about.

The Secret Service has confirmed thieves have stolen an unknown number of Target customers’ payment information, which could affect millions who have shopped there, starting on the Black Friday weekend.

The breach reportedly involves nearly all Target stores nationwide, and may have continued until this past Sunday, Dec. 15.

Investigators believe the data stored in the cards’ magnetic strips was hacked at the cash registers.

Hackers may aim to sell the stolen information wholesale on the black market to people who use it to manufacture phony credit or debit cards. Criminals can then use those fake cards to buy gift cards and eventually convert them into cash.

I’m so upset, because Target is not one of my regular stores and I’m not sure which card I used. The item I bought was not a gift, so I didn’t put the receipt where I could easily access it either.

In a word this “Stinks!”

Why do people have to do this sort of thing?

I really hope nothing happens to my account. Right now I cannot even begin to imagine the damage it would do, and the headaches it will cause in the near future.


  • Brad Marcus

    I try to always use my American Express card. They have excellent fraud protection and I’m not exposing my bank account. Chains such as Target are attacked by hackers on a daily basis.

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