Dec 252013

Mans funeral arrangementChristmas morning. I was  posting a story on my Mac laptop that I’ve carried with me for the past 6 years and suddenly the screen goes dark like the Lincoln Lights on national TV.

In spite of my best efforts to resuscitate it, the computer wouldn’t turn on again.

I’m writing this on a PC laptop that I won in a contest last year. It is a beautiful machine, and I am so lucky to have it, but the only thing I can do on it is play Solitaire.

Anyone who uses Macintosh knows that trying to work on a PC is like walking on the moon – NOTHING works the same way. Key commands that are second nature on a Mac are non-existent on a PC.

Using a 10-year-old Mac mini desktop unit (that does NOT travel in a laptop case) or accept any of the newer programs because it’s too old, makes things impossible.

I can’t add any NEW photos because trying to figure out Windows is like speaking fluent French out of the blue. I don’t know how to access a photo processing program, or anything.

The death of my old Mac is so frustrating.

There are hundreds of unused photos, video clips and story outlines on the dead Mac and unless by some miracle I can access them from a memory card they are lost forever.

What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger…I’ve been through worse. But THIS affects Orange Live readers too.

I’m so sorry. I’ll try to figure something out soon.



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