Dec 302013
Best Brake and Service Center

Best Brake and Service Center

After driving a Honda CRV for several years, I appreciated the height of the frame and the fact that I never bottomed out anywhere. But after an elderly woman t-boned and totaled my Honda in Orange, I had to find something to replace it fast.

My son-in-law and his dad steered me toward a nice, honest used car salesman (Yes, they do exist) who hooked me up with a Nissan Maxima with all the bells and whistles that didn’t go over the price that the insurance company gave up for my CRV.

One day earlier this month when I pulled into my driveway (that must have been paved back in the 40s and has a big hump in the center) the car bottomed out and I bent a pipe in the muffler system.

The noise was too much to bear, and my granddaughter would yell to me “Too Loud” from the back seat whenever we went anywhere.

I asked my son-in-law for some advice after a local shop quoted $500 to quiet it down. Much too much for me at this time.

EJ called his friend Jack in Stratford and asked him to look at it, which is what he did last Friday morning.

I drove into the parking lot of Best Brake & Safety Center LLC, 1870 Barnum Ave, Stratford, with the loud rumbling car and after Jack checked it out, he told me that I had two options, replace the bent pipe for ‘$’ or go all out for ‘$$$$’ — I went with ‘$.’

I expected to sit in the waiting room for a couple of hours, but within 45 minutes he told me it was done.

I couldn’t believe how quiet the car was and how much better it seemed to feel when I drove it.

Reason for Recommendation:

First, while I was in the waiting room, I was able to observe how Jack and his staff treat customers.

They quickly and thoroughly responded to any and all questions and did not “sweetie” any female customers or say “have your husband look at this.” — I’ve dealt with that kind of shopowner before.

Best Brake offers you options and makes sure you have a clear understanding of what can and needs to be done.

Best Brake is a family owned business that does brakes, transmissions, mufflers, auto repairs, oil changes and sells tires.

It is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating and their work is respected and recommended by other shops that may not necessarily offer a particular service.

Also, it is not a far drive from Orange, easily accessible from I-95, and if you do have to wait a while, there is shopping within walking distance.

Call Jack McCall at (203) 378-8755 for your next diagnosis and tell him Orangectlive sent you.


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