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Mary L. Tracy School

Mary L. Tracy School

We are now posting a single-question follow-up survey for the extended day Kindergarten …. Here’s the information…

The Orange School District is planning to extend the kindergarten day.  We have a one-question follow-up survey intended to clarify our direction. If you are the parent of a kindergarten or pre-school child, or a resident of Orange, we ask that you take and/or forward the survey.  However, please read the following information carefully before answering the one survey question.

  • ·        81% of our respondents are interested in an extended day for kindergarteners
  • ·        19% were not
  • ·        53% (of the 81%) thought a $160 tuition was reasonable
  • ·        47% did not think a $160 tuition was reasonable
  • ·        20% said a $160 tuition would prevent their child from attending.

The comments some people wrote in revealed some misunderstandings.

The most significant misunderstanding is that when towns change to full-day kindergarten, they are changing from 1/2 day kindergarten (195 minutes) to full-day kindergarten (390 minutes). They are seeking to eliminate the instructional problems that arise with trying to teach reading, math, and specials in too short of a day. They are seeking to eliminate logistical problems such as arise with a ‘delayed opening and no a.m. K’ or an ‘early release and no afternoon K.’

In Orange, we have already extended the kindergarten day to a little over 3/4 of a day (300 minutes). We would be extending the day by a little less than a 1/4, or 80 minutes.  Because of the extended day, all kindergarteners have school on days with delays or early closings.

qaaaqThis issue is about choice, not achievement needs. Our kindergarten students are already meeting and/or exceeding all of the State and district benchmarks in reading and math (85% of our 2013 kindergarten class met the State’s benchmark and went on to first grade as Level 4 readers or above; 91% were at or above the STAR Early Literacy grade-level expectation; 97% of the 2013 kindergarteners met the Math Expressions grade-level benchmark.)  Thus, if we extend the day, it will be to incorporate science, social studies, and technology.
Orange cannot propose an optional, extended day program which is paid for through the BOE budget and tax dollars.

Either the kindergarten extended day program is optional and tuition-based… OR, the kindergarten extended day is mandatory and tax-based.


Please weigh-in on this issue in our new one-question survey, by clicking HERE, or typing https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KFollow-upSurvey into your address bar.

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