Jan 042014

Dog boots will help protect their feet from the dangerous weather and chemicals.

Dog boots will help protect their feet from the dangerous weather and chemicals.

A lot of people walk their dogs in this horrendous weather,but not too many use the dog boots that are available.

Some pets won’t stand for anything on their feet. They walk funny and possibly feel a bit silly, but did you know that, if your dog will wear them you could be helping to protect him from winter dangers.

The town uses salt to melt the ice on the roads, and some residents use store bought ice melters on their driveways and front walks, and if your dog walks on any of them their paw pads could become irritated.

The first thing your dog may do when he comes inside is lick his feet, but did you know the ice melters are toxic when ingested and can cause stomach upset. If you can’t or won’t use boots on your pet and he’s come in contact with salt or ice melter, then wipe his paws off with a moist towel and  dry them off well before he goes outside again.

Pets that spend time outdoors in the snow also can bring snowballs into the house in between their toes. It may seem cute, but they can be very painful and should be removed as soon as possible to prevent serious injury.

Watch for thin ice on lakes and ponds. If signs are posted stating that it isn’t safe, then, someone has measured the thickness and determined that it isn’t safe.

Be careful where you walk with your dog, even a four-legged creature can slip and fall on ice.

Boots or no boots, do what is best for your pet and make sure he’s safe and comfortable this winter.

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