Jan 072014

File photo from a TP&Z meeting

File photo from a TP&Z meeting

The Orange Town Plan & Zoning Commission will meet at the Town Hall, 617 Orange Cetner Road, Tuesday, Jan.7 at 6 p.m.

Folowing is the agenda:

1. Initial meeting with Glenn Chalder, AICP of Planimetrics. The purpose of the meeting is to begin the development and update of a new Plan of Conservation and Development.

2. Election of Officers.

3. Review of the Minutes from the November 19, 2013, & December 3, 2013 meetings.

4. SITE PLAN APPLICATION – Submitted by RSVP for property known as 150 Boston Post Road. The proposal is for a “private event venue” to locate in space formerly occupied by Blue Cube Billiards & Lounge. (Continued from the December 3, 2013 meeting.)

5. Old Business.

6. New Business.

7. Report of the Zoning Enforcement Officer.

-Review of Zoning Activities Log.


8. *APPLICATION FOR THE CONVERSION OF A SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING TO ACCOMMODATE AN ELDERLY APARTMENT, – Submitted by Frank W. Rogers for property known as 600 Wheelers Farm Road. The proposal is to create an 821 sq. ft. apartment. Main unit to be occupied by an elderly resident. (continued from the November 19, 2013; & December 3, 2013 meetings).

9. APPLICATION FOR SPECIAL EXCEPTION FOR THE CONVERSION OF A SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING TO ACCOMMODATE AN ELDERLY APARTMENT – Submitted by Charles F. Martin III for property known as 517 Wolcott Lane. The proposal is to construct an addition to an existing dwelling to accommodate an Elderly Apartment.

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