Jan 082014

Girls basketballThe Amity Girls Varsity Basketball Team played an SCC Interdivision game against Hand Tuesday night in Woodbridge.

The back-and-forth scoring made this a real nail-biter, especially in the last quarter when it was anyone’s game until the last few minutes.

Elise Graham (24) was the high scorer for the Lady Spartans with 15 points; Molly Ronan (41) had 8 points and 7 rebounds; Chloe Brinton (15) had 6 points and 6 rebounds; Mikaila Schmitt (10) and Janae Graham (11) added 5 points each for Amity.

Amity got a quick jump on the Tigers with Elise Graham scoring 8 points plus 1 foul shot; Ronan with 4 points and Schmitt adding 2 points for a first quarter lead of 15 – 9. Hand’s Lily Taylor (11) made 5 points for the Tigers; Sophie Joel (23)and Gege Catalano (12) made 2 points each with free throws.

Hand forged ahead in the second quarter racking up 15 points to Amity’s 6 (scored by Janae Graham, Schmitt and Ronan). Hand’s Taylor made 3 points;  Catalano, 5 points; Joel, 4 points;  Cassidy Wygonik (4), 2 points; and Colette Kraemer (20), 1 point. The Tigers took the lead at the half 24-21.

After the break, Amity regrouped and came on strong scoring 13 points to Hand’s 1 in the third. The Graham sisters and Brinton did all the scoring giving Amity the lead. End of third-quarter score 34-25. Joel scored the single point for Hand.

Refusing to be outdone, the Tigers fought hard in the final quarter.  Corinne Ouellete (21) scored 3 three-point field goals for Hand and her teammate Lauren Brandau (10) scored 2 points. Amity’s Ronan scored 2 points; Schmitt made a foul shot and Brinton’s two free throws were the icing on the cake, securing the Spartan win 39-36.

Coach Michelle Martinik was proud of her team on their 8th victory. She said, “We had to fight this whole game. We knew Hand was a great team, they’re well coached, they have a lot of tough girls. We knew it was going to be a battle.”

“We had a couple of things going against us, we missed a lot of open shots in the first half. So, this was a real fight it out win which is good to have so when we get out there later in the season – we’ve had some of these games,” she said. “At the end of this game we executed well. We had stops when we needed it and the delay – we ran of 3-4 minutes off the clock – was key, because they were on a roll. It was really great.”

Records: Amity 8-1; Hand 5-4


Hand      9   15    1   11  –  36

Amity    15    6  13    5   –  39


Note: I don’t write sports, so if I have the wrong terms, please lend a hand and let me know what I did incorrectly, but don’t criticize. It’s a learning process. Thanks!



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