Jan 102014

thGood news from Amity Principal Charles Britton regarding PSAT scores of Amity Juniors:

The highlight for the week was the receipt of a College Board report called the PSAT Summary of Answers and Skills (SOAS). The SOAS report profiles the performance of Amity students in the Class of 2015 on the PSAT. Juniors took the PSAT this past October. We are delighted to report that the mean performance of Amity juniors was significantly higher than students in Connecticut and nationally. Below is a performance summary:

On the 2013 PSAT Critical Reading Section:

Amity Students –                    Mean Score 50.3

Connecticut Students –           Mean Score 46

Students Nationally –              Mean Score 46.6


On the 2013 PSAT Mathematics Section:

Amity Students –                    Mean Score 51.8

Connecticut Students –           Mean Score 46.5

Students Nationally –              Mean Score 47.8

On the 2013 PSAT Writing Section:

Amity Students –                    Mean Score 49.3

Connecticut Students –           Mean Score 44.6

Students Nationally –              Mean Score 45.3

“Our congratulations are extended to this year’s juniors for their superior performance,” he wrote in his message.  “Over the coming weeks, Amity administrators and teachers will carefully review the entire SOAS report. The report provides the school critical feedback on curriculum alignment with the College Board Standards and Common Core State Standards.”

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