Jan 202014

Be prepared for the cold weather

Be prepared for the cold weather

Severe cold weather is predicted for later this week.  The major concern for this storm is to keep water pipes and heating pipes from freezing, exterior wall exposure.

Businesses: Fire Sprinkler System water pipes.

In the beginning of January we had several pipes freeze in town.  Heat must be maintained in areas where water pipes are located. Open cabinet doors under sinks on exterior walls, look for pipes in basement at exterior walls, etc.

For preparation information please go to sites such as:




During An Emergency such as Winter Storms, Hurricanes,  power outages, etc. if you are able please go to the following sites for immediate up to date information on the status of the conditions in the town of Orange and services available.  We will keep this website up to date on our status.

Twitter: @orangectemd



Please make note of these valuable resources for use in planning for and during an emergency.

Bookmark it on your computer and smart phone.

Fred Palmer, Director of Emergency Management and Tino Russo, Asst. Director

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