Jan 212014

Peck Place School

Peck Place School

The following letter is posted on the Orange Elementary Schools Website and was sent out to school news subscribers:

Dear Peck Place Families and our Wider School Community, 

As you may have read in the press releases, our place at Yale is secure through the end of the school year. This long-range date will even enable a jumpstart on the roof project we were planning for this summer.

More importantly, we are closing in on a definite move-in date for the kids. Eric and the key officials supporting Principal Eric Carbone — from Yale security to the Yale movers to the Orange and West Shore fire marshals — meet daily to go over the punch lists and evaluate our progress.

This move is so much more complicated than just packing up the curriculum and furniture. Exit signs needed to be lowered; we needed to bring in bottled water and a PA system; the doors all need panic bar installations. There are more permits than anyone ever imagined. The elevators need to be refitted with keycard access, and Eric must provide his staff, and you, with a new handbook.

We are nearly there! We fully expect to announce a definite move-in date on Friday afternoon, after our last punch-list review. But here are some updates by which you can judge the progress.

• Myers is moving Peck to Yale on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week.

• On Monday, we are giving the Peck teachers a full day to unpack and set up their classrooms. (We’re hiring substitutes for Race Brook and Turkey Hill to help the classroom teachers that day.)

• Eric is scheduling a staff meeting, as there are  many new rules and protocols to review.

• Plans are already underway for the Open House, when you and your children can visit Yale, and then we’ll open the doors for the First Day at Yale.

• The Peck facility is still completely closed and off-limits. Please don’t visit.

• One section of the building is abated and was being air-quality tested today (Tues. Jan. 21)

• Mike Luzzi, our Facilities Manager, and Scott Allen, Orange Sewer Superintendent and Wetlands Officer, are working collaboratively on the Peck clean-up

• We are putting our full efforts towards a lofty goal, using the mantra ‘clean and pristine,’ before the kids’ return.

Lynn K. McMullin

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