Jan 252014

logo and image finalTown residents have embraced the town’s new recycling program and made it a success! Thanks to you, residential recycling is up by nearly 20% compared to one year ago. Congratulations and a sincere thank you to everyone! With more and more people using the rolling bins at curbside, beginning the week of Feb. 4our contractor City Carting will be collecting the recyclables over a 4 day period each week rather than 2.

Half of the town will not see any change, however the other half will. Some of you who currently recycle on Wednesday will now be scheduled for Tuesday and some of you who currently recycle on Thursday will now be scheduled for Friday.

Please check the attached colored map to see what day of the week your bin will be picked up. If you cannot open the attachment, e-mail me with your street name and I will be able to respond with your new pick-up day. You can also get more information at our website http://www.orange-ct.gov/govser/recycling.htm.

While this information has also been distributed to the news media, the Orange Recycling Committee felt that this e-mail would help get the word out to as many residents, as possible. Please tell your friends and neighbors.

Thanks again for recycling. Remember that you can still bring all of your recycling to the Transfer Station Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday from 8:00am-4:30pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00am-2:00pm, if you prefer not to use the bin or miss a pick-up.

Let’s all keep ORANGE GREEN!

The Orange Recycling Committee


Mitch Goldblatt, Chair

John Brown

Karen Della –Giustina

Tom George

Stephanie Jatlow

Kathy LaFontana

Ilene Moyher

Mary-Jo Sierakowski

Pat Walsh

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