Jan 262014

weatheer prediction

this is Kevin Arnone’s map which contradicts some of WFSBs forecast – time will tell which is closer.

Mother Nature is not ready to allow winter to pass by us yet, according to WFSB-3’s Weather Team.

Tomorrow morning (Monday, Jan. 27) there is a chance for snow showers that could re-develop in the afternoon. Along the shoreline rain may mix with the snow, windy. High around 40 on the shore and 35 inland — that’s warm compared to what we’ve had and what the remainder of the week will bring!

Tuesday will bring sunshine, but it will be breezy and colder with high only around 20 and the low at 8 expected.

Bundle up on Wednesday. The low will be about 2 and it may not get much warmer than 22 around here.

Thursday will be mostly sunny and just a bit warmer but still below freezing at 29 and the low is expected to be 5.

Friday may bring a few scattered snow flurries and a warm-up, well 1 degree above freezing with a high of 33 and the low at 12.



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