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Screen-shot-2013-06-10-at-8.58.00-AMWhile looking at the search terms on Orangectlive, I noticed a renewed interest in a now legendary student film that set the standard for Amity students for many years to come. 

Back in 2005, the video arts was a fresh new offering in the Amity curriculum with Janice Holzer leading the way for future teachers.

Teacher Jonathan Furst was there from the beginning, too, teaching students about lighting, framing, editing and everything else they needed to know about making a good movie.

Every June, the Amity Film Festival showcases the best student films of the school year. The Jamie A. Hulley Arts Foundation sponsors the event and provides the winners with certificates and checks for their achievements.

A screen shot of Greg Passick in White Toast

A screen shot of Greg Passik in White Toast

One of the most memorable films to come out of the Amity Film Festival was the 2008 film noire masterpiece entitled “White Toast,” the work of Greg Passik, Robert Gagne and Adam Kloc, which not only came in first at Amity, but went on to earn  the 2009 American Visions Award.

It’s hard to believe that this film was made 6 years ago. Back then the Festival included limited submissions, but in recent years, the Video Arts program has exploded — It is one of the most desired electives at Amity. In 2013 28 Freshmen and 33 Sophomore, Junior and Senior film students submitted to the festival.

The quality of the work is so impressive that the judges often have a difficult time choosing the “best” in any given category.

Amity students have 5 months to plot, write, and produce their films for this year’s festival. I urge everyone to make an effort to attend the event and see for yourselves the great things today’s high school students are capable of.



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