Feb 032014

metro-north1Many Orange residents depend upon Metro-North to get to work in points of Western CT or New York but, when the line experiences power problems, it can ruin your commute and diminish your trust in this mode of transportation.

On Sunday, Gov. Dannel Malloy, state transportation Commissioner James Redeker and other officials announced a plan to replace transformers on the New Haven line that will increase power and help prevent power failures like the incident last September that crippled service for more than a week.

The $10 million upgrade was scheduled to begin today with Metro-North replacing old transformers in Cos Cob in cooperation with CT Light & Power. Malloy said the upgrades will almost double the power capacity of the transformers.

“We need a system that is in good repair,” Malloy said.”I want to ensure riders have as safe and reliable a commute as possible.”

John Kesich, Metro-North Senior Vice President for Operations released the following statement, “Because of lessons learned by Metro-North during a serious disruption to New Haven Line service last fall during a power upgrade to the power supply at Mount Vernon, the work at Cos Cob is being done in stages and a comprehensive contingency plan has been developed.”

Redeker said the transformers will be replaced in two phases that will be about 16 days each.

Malloy added, “We simply cannot afford to have a system that our commuters do not have faith in.”

The problems with the railroad go beyond physical infrastructure; Malloy and other officials agreed that there needs to be an overhaul in the way Metro-North does business.



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