Feb 052014

Orange Snow Plows stood at the ready Tuesday afternoon in anticipation of storm Derby.

Orange Snow Plows stood at the ready Tuesday afternoon in anticipation of storm Derby.

Snowstorm Derby has been a pain in the neck for just about everyone. the heavy snow followed by freezing rain prompted Governor Malloy to ask everyone to stay off the roads and ordered many state employees to take the day off.

But for one group of dedicated Orange town employees there is no such thing as a snow day.

The Orange Highway Department is responsible for plowing the roads and making the streets safe for drivers.

According to Department Foreman Donny Foyer, all personnel went into plow mode at 3 a.m., contractors (independent plow drivers) were brought in at 5 a.m.

“We plowed all day until 5 p.m.,” Foyer said. “We hit all the roads, curb to curb, so they are all in good shape.”

The men will have time to shower, have dinner with their families and relax before reporting to work again at 5 a.m. Thursday morning to make sure the roads are clear for the school busses.

If you drive to neighboring cities and towns you must notice that their roadways are not as well maintained as Oranges’. Residents must understand that it takes the crews 6 to 8 hours to completely clear every road in town. So, if your road isn’t done quickly enough — be patient, you know they will roll around as soon as they can.

Foyer said, “Everything is plowed. The boys are doing an excellent job. Going out and doing this for one storm after another really wears you down. They’ve all had enough.”

The “boys” work awfully hard and don’t get much “love.” So if you see the guys out on the road tomorrow or on Sunday during the next snowfall, smile and wave and say “thank you” even if they cover up your newly shoveled driveway entrance.


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