Feb 142014

SCSEF LOGOAmity students were among the 240 High Schoolers to participate in the 14th annual Southern Ct Science and Engineering Fair at Newtown High School in Sandy Hook on Saturday, Feb. 8.

Each student created an exhibit, made a presentation and participated in a question and answer session with the judges. They were evaluated in four categories: behavioral sciences, environmental sciences, health sciences and physical sciences.

This year’s SCSEF winners from Amity High School are:

Completed Project, Behavioral Science

1st Sarah Saxe — The Effect of Subliminal Messages on Food Selection

2nd James He — The Effect of different Comprehension Methods on Comprehension Test Scores

3rd Katherine Handler — The Effect of Different Genres of Music on Various Cognitive Tasks, i.e.: Verbal Memory, Spatial Accuracy and Vocabulary

Completed Project, Environmental Science

1st Haya Jarad — The Effect of Varying Ferrofluid Carrier Liquids On the Ability to Magnetize Oil

HM Lamisa Mannan — The Collembola Consumes the Fungi: An Interaction Between Two important Soil Species

Completed Project, Health and Medical Science

1st Eeman Abbasi — Targeting Expression of Histamine Four Receptors on Microglial Cells to Combat Compulsive Disorders

Completed Project, Physical Science

2nd Noah GallantConstruction of a Renewable Energy Generator from Recycled materials: A Study on Windbelts

HM Daniel Giebisch — Desiging a Circuit Board To Wirelessly Power a Left Ventricular Assist device (LVAD)

Research Proposal, Behavioral Science

1st Owais Khan — Teachig English Language Skills via Interactive Storytelling with a Spanish-Speaking Robot

Completed Project, (TEAM)

2nd Eli Silvert and Yiran Zhang — Does Musical Training Affect Multi-Channel Sensory Integration?

Research Proposal, (TEAM)

2nd Benjamin Staniewicz, Joshua Crow, Teddy Hague, Harsha Lingareddy and Shaunak Pandit — Sikorsky STEM Challenge: Redesigning the Landing Gear of the F4U Corsair

Congratulations Amity Students and Your Teachers  in the Amity Science Research Program, Deborah Day and Vincent Lazzaro. You make us Proud!

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