Feb 152014

Like Snow? Then our meteorologist Kevin Arnone has some good news for you:

Well here we go again, digging out of one Nor-Easter that blanketed the state with over a foot of snow in some locations and on to forecasting the next, which will occur Saturday!

I am sure some of you are saying, “When will it end???” Actually, I have good news for you.  There is another little system I am watching For Monday night into Tuesday but after that the weather pattern seems to warm up just a bit and be less active a period of time. But you know what they say in New England, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes!”

Educated Geek Talk

OK time to get a little geeky on you.  It seems to me that the American GFS computer model has handled this storm the best, obviously we won’t find out until tomorrow but there is great inconsistency in the EURO, NAM and GFS less than 24 hours out.  That is something that doesn’t occur too often.  GFS is spitting out close to ten inches in SE CT where the NAM has 1-2 inches.

Usually you see that inconsistency 72-96 hours out but not less than 24! It seems to me from my experience that GFS really has had a solid handle on this system and the NAM and EURO are playing catch up.  Because both the NAM and EURO have trending the system closer each run bringing us more snow with each new run (NAM and GFS come out 4 times a day, EURO comes out 2 times a day).

All this being said I am confident enough to raise my snow totals.  I have looked at the latest 00Z NAM and GFS, still far from agreement on amount of snow but timing is pretty much known.

Start time 12-2 PM Saturday, heaviest 4-8 PM and ends by 12-2 AM Sunday Morning.  


1:15 AM UPDATE: Just as I figured the 00Z has trended more NW with the system.  Basically identical to the GFS.  Updated snowfall map is below.  I will check back in Saturday morning!

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