Feb 212014

Anthony Rodriguez hopes to open a Christian Lounge and Billiards business in Orange.

Anthony Rodriguez hopes to open a Christian Lounge and Billiards business in Orange.

At this week’s Town Plan & Zoning Commission Meeting, Anthony Rodriguez went over his plans to open the Christ Is Alive Lounge And Billiards at 555 Boston Post Road in the former Bed City store (most recently “Christmas Village”) next to Andini’s in the same plaza as PCW Computer.

This is the business that Orange Live introduced following the Police Commission meeting on Feb. 10. It was read by hundreds of residents and became the highest read story that day.

Rodriguez explained that this would be a family-type business which would offer visitors a Christian environment with no alcohol, no smoking, drugs etc. just soft drinks, snacks and after it’s established, he hopes to introduce a juice bar.

He added that he also wants to provide patrons with cheesecake, possibly from Julia’s Bakery, which is now located across the street in the plaza with Trader Joe’s.

“I’ve been serving the Lord for 16 years and I want to open a place for people who like to go out, but don’t like places with drinking,” he said.

Fire Marshal Tim Smith approved the space for 197 person capacity, but Rodriguez said he never expects to have that many people there at once. But as a precaution, he requested a parking regulation waiver.

Rodriguez plans to bring in six regulation sized 9 x 4.5-foot pool tables into the 3,300 sf apace.

The business would be open to the public M-W 11 a.m. – 12 a.m.  Th – Sat. 11 a.m. 2 a.m.

The commissioners seemed intrigued by the concept and wished him luck, but held their vote until the next TPZC meeting.

They told Rodriguez to come back in 2 weeks after the board has personally looked at the parking lot. 



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