Feb 262014

Peck Place School

Peck Place School

This announcement was posted on the Orange BOE website tonight:

Great news, and though you’ve likely already heard it, let’s put it in print – both the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance approved the renovations at Peck Place as was proposed.  They have appropriated up to $1.9 million, as per the state-bide estimates.  This does not mean we will be frivolous or careless with spending.  This does mean new floors, ceilings, paint, cabinetry, lighting, and plumbing, and the end result will be a ‘renovated as new’ building when the kids and staff return.

The finish date we are working extremely hard to achieve is August 1, 2014, leaving time for teachers and staff to move in and set-up their classrooms and other teaching spaces.

The Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance both televised their meetings so you can catch them on OGAT.  As a result of both meetings, the work at Peck is back in gear.   We need to accomplish two tasks: 1. both Boards asked for a timeline, which we are working to provide; and 2. we need to go out to RFP for 3 of the projects, the univents, cabinetry, and the roof.

Many people have asked about the insurance claim, and we are still working on that with our insurance adjuster and CIRMA, our insurance carrier.  It is an extensive process and will take time.  This is not an unusual wait.

Many people have asked about the abatement.  Phase I (the 11 heavily-impacted classrooms) is complete and did receive a clean bill of health.  Phase II (the corridors and remaining classrooms) and Phase III (the library) are underway.  Because of the manner in which the company seals-off areas for abatement, the renovation work can now begin in the Phase I portion of the building.  The building is still closed to the public, and children under the age of 18 are not allowed on the property.

Many people have asked about the way in which the previous mold issue will now be addressed.  You’ll recall this was a common mold problem, and it can be addressed by maintaining low humidity.  Therefore, the new univents in each classroom will be heat/air/air-circulation univents.   In addition, new ceilings and new insulation will vastly improve the efficiency of the univents in the classrooms.

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