Mar 012014

Are you tired of the snow yet? Here’s Meteorologist Kevin Arnone’s last posting.

Now that this low-pressure system is over land, more data will be available and should be more accurate and reliable.  This setup on Monday has all the right ingredients for a significant storm.

Moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, abundance of cold air from our north, which will win out and feed into the system so I don’t believe mixing will be an issue along the shore. As well as strong thermal gradient aloft that will help to enhance the development of the storm.

It’s not a question about timing or amount of available moisture.  It’s a question of storm track.  This is why as of right now I am making two separate snow accumulations maps.

As far as timing is concerned, light snow begins late Sunday night and continues through the night, picks up in intensity late Monday morning and into the afternoon, then begins to lighten up around sunset and tapers off shortly after midnight on Monday.

As far as the storm track percentage is, Track 1 35%, Track 2 50% and Track 3 out to sea and with no accumulation 15%.

So yes, my confidence is still relatively low for being just 48 hours out.  Models are flip flopping which has been the story this winter!

Screen shot 2014-03-01 at 12.37.30 PM

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