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Mar 092014

Here’s Kevin Arnone’s forecast for this week.

A northwest wind will keep our temps cold for the day on Monday.

Quick round of snow showers is likely during the overnight hours on Sunday and into the morning commute on Monday. No model has over 1/2 inch of snow for accumulation, so I would say a slippery commute is possible Monday morning with a coating of accumulation.

Day time highs are around the mid 40’s this time of the year and we will surpass that on Tuesday as we will be flirting with 50 degrees! Also you will be enjoying a sunset  at 7 p.m. by March 16th.

Both the GFS and EURO and Canada computer models are hinting at possible snowstorm for Wednesday into Thursday. It is still a few days away but models have been keeping this Low Pressure system around the same area past few days.

The top left picture is the EURO, top right is the GFS and bottom is the Canada.Green/blue shows QPF (amount of precipitation for 6 hour period).

Black lines are isobars which are lines of pressure.

The lines with a space in them are temp values, Light blue below 32, Blue is 32 and red is above 32.

There is no lock in this forecast just yet, a lot will change over the next few days. The forecast will completely depend on storm track and where the storm center goes over.

If the storm center moves directly over CT, it will start as rain then as colder air moves in during the back end of the storm it will end as snow.

If the storm center moves way inland, it will be all rain.

If the storm center pushes out to sea just a bit, it will be a mostly snow event.

I don’t see any indications of this being a blockbuster snowstorm, but if this systems track moves out to sea just enough, 6+ inches isn’t out of the questions for inland CT. Right now the models have different solutions, I hope by Monday night  I will have a better understanding.

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