Mar 222014

Bridget Albert

News traveled like wildfire on Friday Night, Bridget Albert, the editor of the Orange Times had died.

Many Orange residents know her name. Bridget freelanced for Hometown Publications before I began working there nearly 20 years ago.

Soon after I became the editor of the Amity Observer, she was named the editor of the Orange Bulletin.

We were friends back then and she talked me into getting a rather large Akita-mix from the District Animal Control that was going to be put to sleep. My children and I called her Melissa.

Over the years Bridget and I had our ups and downs,  about 17 years ago we had a falling out from which we never fully recovered.

I left print newspapers and joined an online group. She joined the New Haven Register.

I started my own news site, she began working as editor of the Orange Times.

It seems that we had a lot in common with this history of journalism, but the one thing that we truly had in common was a love for dogs.

Melissa tore up the molding in the cellar doorway and messed on the floor countless times, but she was a good watchdog and became a valuable member of the family — My daughter loved her more than anything.

Our one consolation

Our one consolation

In spite of whatever differences we may have had, when Melissa died, Bridget sent me a condolence note and I did the same when she lost one of her dogs.

She founded the Amity Animal Rescue Fund (AARF) and was an advocate for animals of all kinds — but especially dogs.

Bridget had a kind heart and when she was passionate about something she gave it her all.

My heart goes out to her partner Leslie and (of course) the dogs she left behind. I can’t imagine how empty that house must feel now.

Bridget was a big part of the town of Orange. She will be (and already is) sorely missed.

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