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Mar 272014

Dr. Arnel examines an x-ray in his Orange office.

Dr. Arnel examines an x-ray in his Orange office.

Dr. Jeffrey Arnel has had an office in Orange for the past 20 years. Never heard of him?

Dr. Arnel is the founder of Arnel Family Chiropractic, a family practice located at 233 Boston Post Road in a 2-story stucco house diagonally across the street from the Duchess restaurant.  The comfortable waiting room is a nice place sit down, relax, read something interesting, or talk with his other practice members. You’ll also be greeted by his very friendly and always smiling receptionist Lara.
Many years ago while Dr. Jeff Arnel was a computer operator, someone he knew who was a chiropractic student asked him, “Jeff, what do you do when you have a headache?”  He responded as most of us would, “I take an aspirin.”  The follow-up unexpected question is part of what changed Dr. Arnel’s life.  He was then asked “Do you think headaches happen because of an aspirin deficiency?”
Dr. Arnel immediately realized that most people never investigate why they get symptoms.  They just robotically pop pills to cover them up.  It fired him up with a mission to tell everyone about the reality that he began to learn.  Instead of doing healthier things, they swallow medications, as if it was a lack of medication that caused the symptom.  “It hit me that health does not come in a bottle; and healing happens from the inside, out; not from the outside, in, as is how medicine is used.
“Chiropractic care was responsible for the end of my asthma”, he continued.  “The brain is always telling everything inside of you what to do, via the nerves.  The nerves feed every part of your body, every second of your life.  If the connection is compromised by spinal misalignments that are usually painless, then your health will suffer needlessly, whether you feel it or not.  If all is connected, and the signals and impulses can travel freely, then you will express optimized health, and live a quality life.
Why chiropractic?
There are 3 powerful reasons to go to a principled Chiropractor.
Reason # 1 why the general public chooses Chiropractic is because it helps people feel better.  There are so many people out there that are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  They want their life back, and are no longer interested in popping pills to make it happen.  Many medications mask symptoms temporarily, but don’t actually fix anything.  Chiropractic is a phenomenal way to position your body to feel better, longer, without the use of medications and toxic chemicals.
Reason # 2 is often learned in the office itself, is to actually correct the problems that caused the symptoms.  Chiropractic is often used as a non-invasive aspirin; but the deeper, more desired goal of any principled Chiropractor, is to actually restore proper alignment to the spine, beyond the symptomatic relief, so the nerves can freely send the brain’s messages to the entire body without interference.  An adjustment to a nerve, is like taking the foot off of the hose.  Everything inside flows easier.  This helps the body to heal better, minimizing wear and tear, and maximizing life and health inside the body.
Anyone who visits a Chiropractor, should be taught that ones goals shouldn’t be to bounce back and forth between having symptoms and not having symptoms for the rest of your life.  The # 1 cause of sickness, illness, disease and infirmity, is neglect.  By keeping the nervous system clear of interference, you’re being pro-active, and your body can work better.  You’ll experience and express more life and less symptoms on the inside.
Reason # 3 is for maintenance.  It’s not required, but it is recommended.  It allows you to keep what you worked for.  It helps you to prevent breakdown in the spine and disks that occurs from the daily wear and tear that we get from sitting, standing, pushing, pulling, twisting, turning, lifting and all other activities of daily life.
Dr. Arnel is one of the good guys.  He’s passionate.  He loves what he does.  He has an energy of authentic care and concern for the people he serves. He’s fired up to make a positive difference.  Because of his way of communicating, he’s been often asked to speak publically on national Chiropractic conference calls, as well as at local businesses for the benefits of each company’s employees, to better their productivity, and minimize lost work days.
Dr. Arnel travels thousands of miles every year, around the country to seminars that help him stay on the cutting edge of his profession.  He learns the how and the why about the body’s amazing ability to heal itself with the adjustment.
“To kill pain, people go to different types of doctors who, as a rule, prescribe medication to mask symptoms. Some people don’t seek out chiropractic because they are trained to believe there is a pill for every ill,” Dr. Arnel said. “They haven’t even been given the idea or option of Chiropractic.  Common medical practices push people away from symptoms; but Chiropractic care pulls people toward health.”
“We recognize that the body heals itself and many and most illnesses don’t stem from a lack of medicine, but a lack of the body’s ability to adapt to its environment,” he said. “When we provide chiropractic care the right way, the body heals itself better.”
Believe it or not, chiropractors are now adjusting newborn babies (at the parents’ request) because the birthing process can be traumatic.  Croup, colic, ear infections and other baby illnesses can occur from the pulling and twisting of the baby’s head and neck while being born.
What you should know
Dr. Arnel said the one thing he wants people to know about him is the degree to which he cares.
“People don’t care about how much you know, until they know how much you care,” he said. “From my upbringing by two incredible parents, to my college experience at Life University in Marietta, GA, to my connection with like minded caring Chiropractors around the world, my main goal for any patient who walks through the door is to get them out of pain as soon as possible with chiropractic care. The second goal is to restore alignment and integrity to the spine.”
When your spine is aligned properly, it frees up the nerve channels to send the brain’s messages to the rest of your body 100%. The third goal is maintenance, which a patient can obtain by visiting with the least frequency, even when they are not in pain and making chiropractic care a part of his or her lifestyle.
“I never cured anyone in my life,” Dr. Arnel said. “The body heals itself.  I just get the interference to that healing out of the way.”
In celebration of his 20th anniversary, Dr. Arnel is offering a $20 special package that includes the initial consultation, examination and any necessary X-rays. The offer is good until April 30th.
Arnel Family Chiropractic is open 8 – 11 Monday and Wednesday through Friday.  Afternoon hours are  3 – 6 p.m. Monday   through Thursday.  He makes himself available 24 / 7 / 365  for emergencies, unless on vacation, which is when a colleague will help until he returns.
Call Lara today to make an appointment at 203-799-1234.
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