Mar 292014

slossbergState Senator Gayle Slossberg (D-Orange) will host office hours at Case Memorial Library, 176 Tyler City Road, Monday, March 31, from 6-8 p.m.

Slossberg invites constituents to visit and share their views on local and statewide issues.

“Please stop by the library Monday evening for some casual conversation about the issues that matter most to you,” said Sen. Slossberg. “If you can’t make it, call my office at 860-240-0482. I’d love to hear what’s on your mind.”


  One Response to “Sen. Slossberg Hosts Office Hours At Case Memorial Library March 31”

  1. Dear Senator Gayle Slossberg, I am a resident of Orange & I am not only speaking for myself but all my neighbors, Our Electric bills are out of control beyond belief ! I nor most of the residents cannot afford these outrages rates ! Do you know UI has the highest bills in the Entire USA ? Its grotesque that Connecticut stopped regulating electric companies back in 1988 and now its just a free for all. If people actually take a look at there UI bill there is more than 50% of the bill is transfer fees. I would also like to mention that our Taxes are completely outrageous also here in Orange ! Very sad time to go south. The residents need help and we elect people like you to help and so far the entire system is not helping nobody but the stock holders of UIL !!